Student Coaching

                                  is a student coaching program for college students who have experienced academic difficulties in the past.

  • Academic Reach is built on a “no blame, no shame” foundation about the past.

  • Reach is carefully designed to provide you with the tools to move you forward with new levels of confidence, motivation, and success.

  • Next session starts October 8, 2019!

Students Participants in Academic Reach Must Be:


Any personal change, academic or otherwise, is based on the individual’s true commitment to reaching for solutions. 


Students wanting to change their academic history are fearless in sharing past experiences and being vulnerable to reaching for change.​


Students must maintain a hopeful outlook about their academic self and believe in their own capacity to reach for change.  I will believe in you and I need you to as well!

Academic Reach


Weekly snapshot of the program.


Application, Participation and Cost


Parents, video conference, make-ups and more

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