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Welcome! I'm Rebecca,

an optimistic educator committed to uplifting academic professionals through values-based coaching. 

I currently serve as the Faculty Fellow for the Division of Student Success at New Mexico State University. In this role I'm focused on fostering faculty engagement related to undergraduate student completion.


I've served multiple roles in higher ed including as Department Chair, Associate Provost for Academic Administration, Associate Dean and Faculty Senate Grievance Chair.


I am also an Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology and President's Distinguished Teaching Fellow at Northern Arizona University where I taught courses on the theory of teaching and learning in the College of Education.

I look forward to exploring how my background could be a resource for your personal journey in higher education!

Disclaimer: This is my private business; the ideas here have been richly influenced by my higher education experiences, but they are all my own. 


Infrequently Asked Questions

Several years ago I hosted David Levithan, author of Every Day, as our first-year common reading pick. David has a great IFAQ page that really inspired me and helped me get a better understanding of who he was. I hope this does the same for you!          Sincerely, Rebecca

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