Learning Strategies for College & Career

Learning Strategies Textbook

  • LSSC has traditional learning strategies feel with chapters on time management, campus resources, note taking, etc.

  • Departing from traditional texts, LSSC innovatively embeds a student success model that will enable you to create course cohesive within and across sections as well as cohesion with other student success initiatives on your campus.

  • LSSC is an extremely affordable option for your students, published through BVT Publishing.

  • Click for a brief table of contents, pricing information and a preview of the student success model.

Learning Strategies for College and Career, 3rd ed. (LSCC)

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You are part of a tradition and larger community that believes not only that student success skills and strategies can be taught but moreover that they should  be taught.  By teaching a course in student success, you are demonstrating your commitment to leveling the playing field for both traditional and underrepresented students as they journey through their higher education experience.

Congratulations on your involvement in student success! 

  • Meet your existing expectations and provide new ideas to enhance your course.

  • Welcome and support new faculty to the context of teaching a course in student success.

  • Provide a flexible structure that can adapted to different types of first-year courses.

  • Grow with you, your students and your course design.

Design of LSSC:

  • Provides a help-seeking model to increase use of use of your campus resources.

  • Connects the use of feedback to resiliency and success.

  • Includes contextual factors including academic policies, courses, and instructional modes, learning strategies, memory theory, metacognition, and studying.

  • Applies self-regulation to both academic and personal issues (e.g. wellness, financial management, emotions, stress, and communication).

Unique features of LSSC:

  • A student success course, sometimes known as a first-year seminar, is any course that is designed facilitate the student’s transition to higher education, both psychosocially and academically.

  • On your campus, this course might be known as a first-year seminar, a study-skills course or a transition to college experience (to list just a few possible names!).

  • Learning Strategies for College and Career  supports all of the different types of student success courses!

What is a student success course?