AIM Coaching:  FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Why zoom?

  • Zoom (free) is very easy to use web and phone based application. It allows for voice, video and screen sharing. Students must be visually present to participate as body language is important and students need to be able to see my screen so they understand how to use the tools.

Will parents get progress updates from Dr. C?

  • The student is the coaching client.
  • To ensure student’s success in the program, what is shared during group and individual sessions will remain confidential. I want students to feel free to share their thoughts and struggles.

How much individualized attention is provided?

  • An hour of individual or group coaching is available each week.
  • But extra accountability emails, texts and check-ins will be provided based on what the student requests.

What if students have to miss a session?

  • Individual sessions can be rescheduled.
  • Every effort should be made not to miss Group sessions. It’s really important that the group work together so they can benefit from their shared journey. Sessions will be recorded and available to view later if a missed session can’t be avoided.

Why work with Dr. C?

  • I have has accumulated over 25 years of expertise working with students and their academic success.
  • I am currently enrolled in professional development to increase my coaching skills and will be seeking coaching certification.