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Balanced Teaching

How do you balance your teaching, research and service?


It’s nearing the end of the term (or the beginning of a new one!) and your teaching load has been assigned. You’re tired of juggling your course load with your scholarship.  Implementing effective pedagogy seems deadly to your research agenda. What can you do to harness some hope for a better semester?


Balanced Teaching is a small group coaching program focused on promoting more ease to your teaching and course management. Together, we will discover and share practices that reduce the time burden and frustrations associated with teaching.

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What’s included:

  • Five weeks of group coaching sessions, 60 minutes each

  • Tools and templates to help you identify pain points and target growth

  • Customized pathways to help you take command over your courses

  • Connections with other like-minded faculty

  • Two one hour, private coaching sessions

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During weekly group sessions, we will talk, reflect and identify your pathway towards enhanced course management. There will be plenty of tools, templates and exercises to deepen your understanding and course management practices.

  • Week 1: Introductions and Goal Setting

  • Week 2: Teaching values, strengths & curiosity

  • Week 3: Experimentation & Practice

  • Week 4: Deepening Experimentation and Practice

  • Week 5: Reinforcing & Sustaining

Is this for me?


You care about student success.

This program is founded on the value that student success is an act of social justice. But it’s difficult to honor that value and still have time to meet research and service expectations. Much less have some time to breathe! This program will focus on your teaching values as well as some pedagogical short-cuts to create more balance in your academic and personal life.

You’re tired of feeling like

you’re barely coping once the semester starts.


Each semester seems to crash land and you feel like you’re scrambling right through to finals. This program will focus on how to reuse and recycle your course planning as well as how and when it’s the time to refresh.

You have other voices.

No, not voices in your head! But you have other sides, responsibilities, goals and ideas that are screaming for attention. Whether you want more time to focus on your research, hike with friends, or sing in the choir, you are anxious to create the practices and routines that put you in command of your teaching responsibilities. This program is all about helping you find the strategies to create more time and ease.

Logistics . . . 

Fall 2020 Cohort

Mondays, Nov 9 - Dec 7

5:00-6:00 PM MST-7

via Zoom


Winter 2021 Cohort

Tuesdays, Jan 12 - Feb 9

5:00-6:00 PM MST-7

via Zoom

Spring 2021 Cohort


via Zoom

Balanced Teaching Pricing Plans

Payment plans always possible.



Red Apples


Non-tenure track

faculty & others


Pile of Oranges




I need to talk to you about a sliding scale or pro bono spot!

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