Academic professionals face unique challenges and circumstances.  I am here to help you align your intentions with your personal and professional goals.


I design a tailored coaching approach that fosters balance and joy between your professional and personal selves.


Are you ready for:

  • Acting with more intentionality and confidence?

  • Greater alignment between your actions and your goals?

  • Increased levels of productivity?

I’m here to help you get there.

Why Coaching for Academic Professionals?

My Coaching Philosophy

My tailored approach to coaching will give you the opportunity to identify and realize your individual needs. Together, we will create the pathways that will build your capacity to reach your goals.


What are you hoping for?

We will work together to help you identify meaningful goals,

identify actions and gain confidence.


Are your thoughts aligned with your intentions and values?

Together will can  clarify your thoughts and create the beliefs that

ignite your productivity and motivation.

Are your practices consistent with your intentions?

In partnership, we will pinpoint the tools and techniques that uniquely support you.

Together, We Will
  • ​Co-create your coaching agenda based on your hopes and aims.

  • •Envision your personal and professional success.

Your Role
  • Be open to self-observation, self-assessment and and awareness.

  • Imagine your goals and possibilities.

  • Allow for curiosity and experimentation in your actions and strategic approaches.

  • Hold your values firm but your pathways flexible.

My Role
  • Guide sessions to help you uncover your superpowers, foster decision making and identify action steps.

  • Hold space for your needs, listening actively, cueing alternatives and fostering growth.

  • Highlight your strengths and potential.

  • Maintain professional boundaries & uncompromising confidentiality.

Coaching Specialties


Maintaining productivity and planning can be a struggle on a good day but during a pandemic, it can feel overwhelming.

I work with academics  (and others) to develop productivity plans and identify strategies that optimize accomplishments.  These conversations might focus on writing, grading, lesson planning or just managing your email. I’m here to help you sort out how to get things done and create more calm in your personal and professional life.


I work with clients to determine what mindsets are keeping you stuck and help you identify ways to move forward.  Sometimes those conversations might include mindsets around a particular decision that must be made.  I’m here to help you cull your thoughts and creating ideas that support your goals.


I work with faculty to help them create planning tools to implement a new course or to teach familiar course in a new context (e.g. online? blended? Co-teaching).  These conversations will focus on your values as an educator and how to using your teaching superpowers to create an engaging learning experience for your students.


I work with academics (and others!) to help them create new or hone existing habits. Is your relationship with food, exercise, alcohol or social media holding you back?  Using the current literature on habit formation, cognition and motivation, these conversations will help you create the routines that support your personal and professional wellness.

Productivity & Planning

Mindsets & Decision Making

Course Management

Habit Shifts

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